If you’re looking for my Shutterstock Images…

If you are looking for specific successful shots of mine (NicolasMcComber) at Shutterstock, I’ve made a special lightbox at Istock with my top 200 or so most successful images at Shutterstock at my time of leaving (a mix of the most popular and the most downloaded photos). Here’s the link to the exclusivity transition lightbox or you can just click on the pretty picture below to get there.

My Best selling images at Shutterstock at the time I opted out
My Best selling images at Shutterstock at the time I opted out

Why did I leave that most excellent and highly recommended site?

I’m giving a go to the Getty exclusivity program through their Istockphoto branch in the next few days (weeks? I don’t know how long it’ll take to get accepted, what hoops I’ll have to jump through, if any, but I’d rather start the process sooner than later). Sure, there’s a lot of negative things about Getty floating around on the web, with angry disillusioned comments, usually coming from folks who try to reassure themselves constantly in their choices or wallow in self-victimization or entertain themselves with conspiracy theories, but there’s also a lot of positive when I talk directly to exclusive people. Bottom line is, I’ve always wanted to see the impact that going exclusive could have on my work and income, and there’s no way to know other than experiencing it for myself.

So… I’m opting out of Shutterstock for the time being. I have nothing but good to say about them. In fact I think that in their segment, they’re by far the most agreeable to deal with as a contributor and, for the past 6 months, the most lucrative as well. They also have a first class search engine and the most functional site in my opinion.

But the bottom line is that I have to experience exclusivity at some point in my career so that I can make a totally informed final decision in this regards. So, let’s see what Getty can do for me.

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