Featured Stock Photograph – Young Couple Arguing Isolated on White

Stock Photo: Young Couple Arguing Isolated on White
Stock Photo: Young Couple Arguing Isolated on White


Sexy Intellectual Latino Man Stock Photo Gallery

In this photograph, I had the two models come in on different days, and act out quite convincingly to nothing at all. It kind of threw everybody off and created something interesting. It’s something I’m gonna do more often from now on.

Check out all the photos from Victor (the male model) and Kathleen (the pretty woman) on my photoshelter stock archive website. A couple of hints for those who would like to view all of the gallery thumbnails on one page, you can click on “Display Option” and choose 100 photos per page. Also while you visit, I would really appreciate if you sign on to the site by clicking on “client area“. My production will probably be more focused if I know who my audience is, and I’ll be able to communicate maybe interesting bits especially for you :-).

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

One more thing… I’ve just been really inspired by Imogen Heap, who’s been creating a song interactively with her public over the past week (it’s almost finished now – click on the keyboard keys on her site to view the progress)… you can review all of her video blogs on this website (blog entries are listed at the bottom of the page). It’s a truly fun, and interesting process she’s doing and I’m wondering if I should do something along these lines for photos I could be creating… Alright, Signing off!


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