Featured Stock Photograph – Mature man with tears in his eyes

Stock photo: Mature man with tears in his eyes
Stock photo: Mature man with tears in his eyes


Mature Balding Actor Expression Stock Photo Gallery

… Really happy that The King’s Speech won at the Academy Awards… and James Franco sucked. Being stoned/drunk and off at every line is not endearing, funny, or impressive in the least… Plus Adrien Morot was robbed! Boring evening for sure.

Back to the countdown:

#16: Cpap mask isolated on gray

#15: Mature man with tears in his eyes

I’ll say! It’s the revenge of that shoot, with so many shots in the top 30. To think I had featured only one shot from it here back in the days! But this is the last one you’ll see in the countdown, so the most successful one. And I’d like to thank the model here: great acting. There’s something very touching about this shot, especially when you look at it at a larger size (you can do this here). I chose a small depth of field to enhance the intimate feeling. I think it works really well.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

Browse through this model’s stock photo gallery at my photoshelter archive web site.

NOTE: Most of the sales on this countdown came from a combination of agencies prior to my becoming exclusive with Istock. Sales over there will not reflect the rankings of this list.


2 thoughts on “Featured Stock Photograph – Mature man with tears in his eyes

  1. IS is just down and way down.. I was kind of hoping with more uploads that it will raise but this month was like half January, not even talking about the new royalties XS for 0.13$.. have a nice week

  2. I know.. luckily i don’t get these sales often… and with their uber confusing pricing schemes, some XS come up to $0.22, so it’s not disastrous. But yeah, income is slowing down. Makes me question yet again my decision to go exclusive next September. I’m keeping a close eye and if SS keeps growing while IS keeps dwindling, I’ll probably postpone that move. lol.

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