Featured Stock Photograph – Bald serious senior man with neck brace

Stock photo: Bald serious senior man with neck brace
Stock photo: Bald serious senior man with neck brace


Funny Bald Caucasian Senior Man Stock Photo Gallery

#17: Bald serious senior man with neck brace

Lovely image. There’s a quality of light in this series and precision in the details that I’ve always loved and I should do this set up more often. To me this is one shot that really succeeds through its simplicity. It feels very classical too. Just one flash with an umbrella, a great model, and a wall with an old color. Cheers!

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

Browse through this model’s stock photo gallery at my photoshelter archive web site.

NOTE: Most of the sales on this countdown came from a combination of agencies prior to my becoming exclusive with Istock. Sales over there will not reflect the rankings of this list.


6 thoughts on “Featured Stock Photograph – Bald serious senior man with neck brace

  1. Hi, how are you? As you know I am a proud follower of your blog, pictures and lately these top sellers 🙂

    But my question is other, why have you stopped uploading to Fotolia from what I can see (year ago you have stopped right?)

    wish you great shooting

  2. Hi Luis, thanks for stopping by 🙂

    I stopped uploading at Fotolia because 1) I don’t know about you, but 17 cents commissions over and over is like a slap in the face, 2) their high refusals of landscapes, nature and anything non-model related were like slaps in the face and 3) I really dislike how they move your work to the free bin unless you act if it didn’t sell in the first 2 years, which, if you happened to miss that email, would be a humongous slap in the face. On top of it, it looks like, and I’m speculating here, that if you delete photos it affects your acceptance rate negatively which in turns affect your search engine placement and future acceptance rate for new work and I’ve deleted plenty in the past. Plus, I really like SS and Veer and I’m kind of neutral towards DT and IS, so I choose to upload to those places instead. Am I missing something?

  3. No you aren´t.. All true.. I am with them because they keep the sales up, could be better but again stock agencies aren´t been good to their contributors who give them all the job done.. How are you sales at PhotoShelter?

  4. The photoshelter site is really new and incomplete and I haven’t promoted it at all short of what I write here, so sales are as good as Alamy and Stockfresh so far: a big zero. Interestingly though, it gets hits from google, facebook and referrals from a few blogs, so it looks hopeful. I like having all of my stuff, good and bad, at one place. The downside is that the purchase options are hard to find and you are not at liberty to modify the templates to better direct potential customers. So I wonder if they have the patience to find their way. A purchase also requires about 6 page loads which has to be a hassle for customers. But I haven’t seen the shots look so good in a while, so… worth having but it’s probably more of an expense than an investment.

  5. I have been thinking of the same issues, you are totally right, the key is to look for other solution beside the stock agencies, could be photoshelter I believe it can be a nice model, you are on the right track when posting a picture everyday, I don´t show my pictures that often (guess not a positive thing).. Regarding your pictures there isn´t a single one you shouldn´t be proud, great colors, great sharpness and impressive portraits! wish you the best and will pop in everyday like always

    1. Gee thanks! Well the market is always moving and I guess we must see what’s coming next, and maybe photoshelter or a similar service will be part of it. It’s too early to say though: their system is good but there’s space for improvement, plus all the buyers are still at the agencies. But better to be prepared.

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