Featured Stock Photograph – Serious senior farmer in barn

Stock Photo Serious senior farmer in barn
Stock Photo Serious senior farmer in barn


Senior Caucasian Farmer Lifestyle Stock Photo Gallery

Countdown continues for my top 30 best selling images submitted in the first half of 2010….

#26 Serious senior farmer in Barn

At the time this was quite an elaborate lighting set up for me, but once we got going, the model was willing and able to provide some great images. I love the intensity he gives me here, and the man is such a cheerful guy! Well I guess the planning and set-up paid out: you’ll see a few more from this shoot in the countdown. But this is the one that grossed me the most in that setting of them all.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

Browse through this model’s stock photo gallery at my photoshelter archive web site.

NOTE: Most of the sales on this countdown came from a combination of agencies prior to my becoming exclusive with Istock. Sales over there will not reflect the rankings of this list.

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