Featured Stock Photograph – Senior tourists in front of cruise ship

Stock photo: Senior tourists in front of cruise ship
Stock photo: Senior tourists in front of cruise ship

Senior couple heterosexual caucasian lifestyle Stock Photo Gallery

I’m just following the countdown of my 30 best selling shots submitted in the first 6 months of 2010…

#29 : Senior tourists in front of cruise ship

Please if you guys can go out and do it for real, there’s apparently a lot of demand for this and very little supply. Otherwise I can’t understand that this dubious attempt at a concept made it into my top 30. I must say that after I did a couple of these, and saw that it wasn’t really working, I sold all the shots I did with the models straight on white and gray backgrounds and had a lot more success with these than I did with the composites… except for that one.

Now.. Istock didn’t want this one because of possible Copyright infringement over the cruise ship. So I guess it will linger in limbo for the time being…

Browse through these models’ stock photo gallery at my photoshelter archive web site.


3 thoughts on “Featured Stock Photograph – Senior tourists in front of cruise ship

  1. Hi Anna, Yes, it’s a contract that stipulates you can only sell Royalty Free licenses with one agency. In return they offer you better placement in search results and higher royalties. Istock, Fotolia and Dreamstime all have such programs. Istock also lets you submit your photos to the Vetta collection, which pays even more for the moment (Istock tends to cut royalties to beautify their yearly profit reports), plus you can also decide to price them higher at exclusive plus and if you got good lifestyle shots, they might be chosen for the agency collection, which pays even more. Vetta and Agency are cross-marketed through Getty Images as well. The drawback is that you can’t sell or give your photos anywhere else digitally, except for clients and rights managed. Photos that you submit to them but are refused are lost forever since you can only display them as part of a portfolio. For the small producer, many people will say that this is the best option for the better income.

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