Featured Stock Photograph – Young Hopeful Hispanic Man Offers a Red Rose

Young Hopeful Hispanic Man Offers a Red Rose
Young Hopeful Hispanic Man Offers a Red Rose


Sexy Latino Hispanic Intellectual Man Stock Photo Gallery

Happy Valentine’s day everyone. And I hope you have or find a wonderful human being to nourish that most awesome of feelings: love – just as I have found mine already 5 years ago. Or is it 6? I’m so bad with dates… Anyhow, I was kind of shocked to see how very few photos I have that depict love, romanticism or sensuality. Note to self: must do more in 2011. I guess it’s all about finding the models and casting them properly – huge undertaking given that the chemistry is hard to foretell. We’ll see… This is a shot I really like, in its simplicity and sensibility. Great work by my model too.

I’d like to talk now about another blog about stock photography or even photography in general – I realize that I don’t write too much about the basics or tricks to choose and post produce photos for stock (I give all these infos and more during my classes at Marsan) and that I’m a few years along now in the process — and maybe you are starting and need some basic pointers that I don’t provide. Well, there’s the Anna Moritz photography blog that I’ve recently discovered (she’s one of my readers) and it is shock full of good information and links to all manners of useful photography tips and online marketing pointers as well as her own experience starting out at Shutterstock. I remember going through many of the same situations she’s going through back in the day when I started at Istock… Brutally learning all of the many requirements to get your work accepted. Does it get easier with time? It sure does. Good habits settle in, and once the technical aspects become less of a hurdle, it’s all about thinking like a customer. Subjects, framing, lighting, styling… There’s always something else to learn which makes it all so damn engrossing. So keep up the good work Anna. Go pay her a visit, you won’t regret it.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

Browse through this model’s stock photo gallery at my photoshelter archive web site.


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