Featured Stock Photograph – Reaching for Imagine mosaic in Central Park

Imagine Mosaic in New York's Central Park
Imagine Mosaic in New York's Central Park


Imagine a world where computers last more than a couple of years… or one where media are not owned by corporations with strong political agendas… a world where ignorance is not patriotism and where… well a world without television really. A world where people still think for themselves. Didn’t that invention totally mess up humanity when you think about it? Well that’s all I’m gonna say about American Politics.

I’m back from New York City and the always enriching annual PDN Photoplus expo where I had the pleasure of listening to some masters and look at all the new toys… and try a few… You’ll see some amazing new work for me, starting with today’s photo of the day, shot with my brand new 90mm tilt shift lens in central park. I just stood there waiting for something to happen when this guy just reached to touch the words and I captured that gesture. It adds a longing which totally fits the theme.


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