Featured Stock Photograph – Take-out Smoked meat sandwich

Take-out Smoked meat sandwich
Take-out Smoked meat sandwich


Sandwiches Food Stock Photo Gallery

Well July is officially my Best Month Ever in almost every stat, so I’m in a happy mood. But more on that later. Today’s photo is about a Montreal specialty, the smoked meat sandwich, a treat I crave for once in a while, especially in the middle of summer (along with a DQ peanut buster sunday). I found this photo in a forgotten folder I was going through trying to make space for new material on my ever full hard drives, and there were four of them and doing a quick post prod work made me so hungry that I had to call and order one. So I thought, well they must work. So here is one of them, I think the best one because of the background and foreground play, which makes it real.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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