Featured Stock Photograph – Cumulonimbus cloud forming

Stock photo: Cumulonimbus cloud forming
Stock photo: Cumulonimbus cloud forming


Florida Winter Travel Stock Photo Gallery

Well I’m back at the computer after a great few days back at the farm, this time doing full on stock photos with my elderly farmers. Can’t wait to publish these. I’ve also found out that the local provincial government has used one of my shots for a campaign, which is always fun. I rarely get to see my work in use and it’s always a thrill. Anyhow, today’s photo is a ravishing shot of a great white cloud against a clear blue sky with a neat line of grass at the bottom, a shot that screams ocean beach, and it indeed was shot at Miami Beach last January. I often forget to shoot sky photos, which are so useful so many times. You know the drill: you get to that great location and then get boring overcast weather condition or drab gray skies… Coming back at your Photoshop station you quickly swap the sky for… hrmph. So here’s a neat sky shot that can be used over and over, in full resolution. Get it for your library today!

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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