Featured Stock Photograph – Tropical Rainstorm over courtyard

Stock photo: Tropical Rainstorm over courtyard
Stock photo: Tropical Rainstorm over courtyard

Florida Winter Travel Stock Photo Gallery

Keeping up with my risky stock photo theme started yesterday, here’s a shot from my memorable first day in St. Augustine last January. At first I thought my day would be totally spoiled for stock photography because the sky was neither blue (great for travel shots) or overcast (easily replaced by blue sky), but then I told myself I should try to photograph the storm itself. Not easy given the high technical standard of the agencies: the lack of light means low ISO and lots of noise, plus the rain itself looks like bad focus, artifacts or just plain something weird on the shot. And we all know how very much agencies dislike technical weirdness. But I love this one, how the warm window becomes an interest point in the cold dark mess around. And the castle-looking building in the background just add to the whole romanticism feel of the shot.

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