Featured Stock Photograph – White Horse Head Shot

White horse head in black and white
White horse head in black and white


Farm Animals Stock Photo Gallery

A simple, evocative, slightly romantic shot of a white horse head. I chose black and white to help the mystical feel of the photo.

Royalty Free License available at thinkstockphotos.com

Browse through related photographs in this stock photo gallery at my photoshelter archive web site.


2 thoughts on “Featured Stock Photograph – White Horse Head Shot

  1. “Are your experiences similar?”

    Yes, a lot of what you’ve written rings true, but my istock partner program had a terrible may (although with only a few partner sales each month I would not read much into it) I’m still getting those sales from sxp – and had a good april there

    “there are some real nice ones that had been rejected over questionable motives and that I just didn’t have the time to fight for”

    that’s pretty much my reason for leaving the sxp photos via thinkstock and not letting all the istock ones on there.

    “So Getty might be cannibalizing it’s customer base and moving them around… ”

    that’s a depressing thought to put into my head while I’m drinking my morning tea. I wonder if anyone would take bets on Getty will still having istockphoto at the end of the decade?

    1. You think Getty would sell Istock back or run it into the ground? Don’t you think it’s profitable for them? And they have great things going over there… a fantastic community, good rates, good management, great forums. It is the best agency where one can learn stock, in my opinion. Of course if it turned out to be true that they are enticing large buyers to switch to Thinkstock through subscription, that could really upset the community… We’ll have to see. In the meantime, I’m getting more than 100 sales a month at Thinkstock at this point, so I’m happy to leave my work there. I’m not convinced that if I removed my photos I would get those sales back through Istock. I might be mistaken, but I doubt that the clientele buys off both. Have you read anything about that?

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