Featured Stock Photograph – Mixed breed Labrador retriever puppy

Mixed breed Labrador retriever puppy
Mixed breed Labrador retriever puppy


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Well April is over. And I took a few days off of this blog because of the new addition to our pack, the lovely Pirate pictured here. He’s a two months old mixed breed Labrador and Australian Sheppard. Distinctively, he’s got one blue eye and one black, thus his name. Boy, it takes a lot of supervision to take care of such a young dog, and it adds a lot of stress to one’s life. Communication is difficult and the dog is new to all environmental situations and has to be taught to remain calm. Two blessings: he gets along really well with Bessie, plays with her all the time and learns from her too, and he follows us on walks instinctively, so no drama there. Three minuses: not sure if petting your puppy after he pees outside is a good idea: he now pees everywhere in hopes of getting affection; he’s got bad separation anxiety if kept in a den (we ditched the idea – he’s fine by himself in a room but not a cage) and he’s growing too fast. In a week he already lost his puppy looks!! I’ll make a series of photos with him today. More soon…

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