Featured Stock Photograph – Two ants on pink digital flower

Two ants on pink digital flower
Two ants on pink digital flower


Flowers and insects Stock Photo Gallery

Macro photography and insects are always fun, and something I really like to do… but don’t get to practice often since they are very low sellers and, well, I’d rather shoot something that has a chance of blossoming. Especially these days, since it seems harder than ever to make a shot that really takes off. Anyhow, here’s one of these tough sales, one that I like especially because of the difficulty of shooting it, the nice pastel palette and the fact that it also incorporates flowers, another subject that I loved initially to shoot but quickly let go in the face of such abject indifference from the market. And to think that flowers are still the most searched word at some of the agencies… Anyhow, I didn’t really believe in this shot and sent it initially only to two agencies and it took almost a year to sell for the first time. But it did today, so here you go…

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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