Featured Stock Photograph – Wakame seaweed salad

Wakame seaweed salad
Wakame seaweed salad


It’s funny but this exercise I’m doing this month makes me realize that really my steady selling images mostly fall into two categories: models with strong expressions or doing something in context or food photographs. This, along with the baklava image, is again one of my oldest shots. I didn’t have any lights at that time, so this image of traditional Japanese seaweed (wakame) salad was shot next to a window with the setting sun shining through diaphanous curtains for soft diffusion. It didn’t need much else. Also interesting is the fact that for the first time I used an action (picking up the good stuff with metal chopsticks) in the shot. It has been selling steadily for two years now.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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