Featured Stock Photograph – Serious muscular man in tank top

Serious muscular man in tank top
Serious muscular man in tank top


Young Tatooed Man with crewcut Stock Photo Gallery

While nobody’s buying much during Easter week-end (and who can blame anyone – it’s so gorgeous outside), I’m glad this one sold. It’s the kind of photo that I don’t necessarily see as something special and thus would not feature it here were it not of my April pact. But then, when I looked at it again to format it for the blog, I’m suddenly really pleased with the emotion I captured here. There’s something really macho, aggressive yet controlled… a nice subtlety, and a sort of bi-lateral lighting that I rarely use. And yet it all works here beautifully to convey a feeling of strength and power. That’s probably why it has become a good selling image, one that would sell on a holy Saturday!

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

Browse through this model’s stock photo gallery at my photoshelter archive web site.


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