Featured Stock Photograph – Disheveled man praying

Disheveled man praying
Disheveled man praying


Hippie Rocker Long Haired Man Stock Photo Gallery

Sorry for the fewer updates this month. I’ve been working on series with models, and I don’t want to put up similar shots over and over…

So this is a shot of Eric which I chose here because it stands out from what I usually do – which is high key shots with soft box lighting. Here the model is  backlit by two flashes equipped with grids, as I thought it would add to the mood. I asked the model to recollect himself for a few seconds while I did lighting tests and sure enough got something natural and meaningful. Éric went on to do great work afterwards… I have such a wad of great portraits out of this shoot. This guy just has a great face. Very inspirational.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

Browse through this model’s stock photo gallery at my photoshelter archive web site.

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