Featured Photo – Great White Heron at rest

Great White Heron at rest
Great White Heron at rest

The road from Key Largo to Key West is, no doubt, world famous, as just about everything is in this area. I’ll agree it is rather unique, with its series of narrow island, animal reserves, gifts shops and ultra long bridges, including a 7 miles long one. It is quite amazing to see the horizon over the ocean on both sides of the bridge.

Today’s photo is one of the Key’s unique citizen: the great white heron, which apparently can’t be found anywhere else. I caught this one in a bird sanctuary just south of Key largo, I’ve done quite a few shots of these elegant birds, plus a few of pelicans and egrets. The day was again blue skies and sun, a bit chillier.

Key West is rather underwhelming at first glance, but once settled in the historic area, it turns out to be quite charming, with its streets lined with restaurants, art shops and drag cabaret. We had our best meal of the trip tonight at the excellent Antonia restaurant on Duval street. Divine seafood linguini and garlic escargot. It was perfect. I rarely say that. A bit pricey, but worth every penny.

One interesting side effect of being in Key West: I feel so young, all of a sudden. Everyone here seems to be over 55. The restaurant, for example, was full, and I was by far the youngest patron. I guess this is where you come spend your old days…

Tomorrow, I’m trying to get a day off. No photos whatsoever.

as if…


One thought on “Featured Photo – Great White Heron at rest

  1. Michel

    Tout cela est très intéressant! Belle photo aujourd’hui (29). C’était mon anniversaire de mariage le 29 (45 ans). Je suis assez vieille pour aller à Key West…
    Je pars demain matin pour Mtl puis San Jose.
    Bon retour. Je vous aime et pense à vous, M.

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