Featured photo – Sunset at Key Largo

Sunset at Key Largo
Sunset at Key Largo


Florida Stock Photo Gallery

Not knowing at all what kind of weather would hit me today, I looked out the Dorchester hotel window to see a strong, beautiful, immaculate, true blue sky and a perfect temperature. Following the rather erratic weather since we hit Miami, it was kind of insane to leave early on a day like this. So off the Ocean drive I went, shooting a great many of the beautiful art deco facades and eating a delicious crab cake on a terrace. And the it was time to check. Oh, the wonderful surprise! Out of nowhere, a charge of $25 a day for the hotel parking materializes. No signs outside, nothing in the publicity of the place and no-one ever mentioned it prior to checking out. Well, the hotel went from alright to glorified tourist trap as soon as the lady at the lobby muttered: “Oh, nobody told you… well there’s nothing I can do about it, really.” Oh, and they also have a habit of having guests pay $15 to have access to the wifi codes. You are now warned.

Out with the ugly, and in with the beautiful. We decided to skip the everglades and homestead (which was to be our next stop) and instead drive down to Key Largo, find a nice place to stay and enjoy the sun. Done, done and done. The view on the western bay is astounding, with all the boats and little islands, and the perfect sunset, pictured above with the tiki bar and palm trees in the foreground (It’s been a while since I’ve done silhouette work, but this scene just begged for that treatment). A nice meal at Ms Mac’s (watch out for inflated prices on your bill if you ordered the otherwise delicious crab cakes ) capped this other great day.
Tomorrow we’re going west!


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