Featured Stock Photograph – Striped beach shed on Miami Beach

striped beach shed on Miami Beach
striped beach shed on Miami Beach


Florida Winter Travel Stock Photo Gallery

Last day in Miami. I got rained upon like crazy this afternoon while I was shooting the deserted beach (I thought the photos would be moody and interesting). Luckily, I was equipped with a fit plastic bag for my camera, which saved the day. Still, tropical weather is crazy. It changes all the time lightning fast. Weather reports are not to be trusted an hour in advance! So I ran back to the hotel and took it easy today. I chatted with a few friends, tried to understand better the psychology behind certain social sites (gee, sometimes there is unnecessary drama going on), managed some new photos and tried to find a good pizzeria. Boy, south beach has plenty of those, but they’re all counter-top sold-by-pieces places, and I wanted to sit comfortably. I ended up at Jerry’s diner, an art-deco New-York inspired deli. Got an oversized (and overpriced) pizza, couldn’t finish it, too salty as usual, and came back to watch the premiere of the third season of Damages. I know it starts on the 31st in Canada on Showcase and I hope the PVR gets it, ’cause I didn’t get everything at first glance. But then… it’s Damages so I’m not supposed to get it right away. Tomorrow, it’s back on the road towards the Everglades.

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