Featured Stock Photograph – Staircase at the Biltmore

Staircase at the Biltmore
Staircase at the Biltmore


Florida Winter Travel Stock Photo Gallery

Roadtrip side effect: after a while you don’t even know what day it is, where you were a week before or how long ago you left. Today we left South Beach after a quick dip in the ocean – the water was too warm (kidding). The water was actually a lovely green and at a pleasant temperature. Anyhow, we left so I could go and buy a cleaning kit for my lenses and a UV filter to avoid salty-misty build-up on the lens while shooting in the wind on the beach. We got to a store called Pitman photo store, large enough with good prices and great friendly service, and, well, I did a bit of compulsive buying and got a second battery, a Gary Fong diffuser for my cobra flash, a cleaning kit and the uv filter. now I’m all set with new toys.

While we were in the area, we visited Coral Gables, a fantastic area with streets bordered by out of this world tree canopies and a superb, large hotel, The Biltmore, where I shot many, many background photos and architecture details. This is the most beautiful building I’ve seen so far this trip. Today’s photo is of a small stairway, an utterly humble piece of architecture in an ocean of surrounding grandeur. Yet, it has character and makes for a beautiful photograph. We then drove to Coconut Grove, where I had a godawful $5 shake and then back for a garlic chicken at a local Argentinian Restaurant after a dip in the hotel’s large pool. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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One thought on “Featured Stock Photograph – Staircase at the Biltmore

  1. Michel

    C’est tout beau ça. Mon grand-père Lafleur aimait beaucoup Coconut Grove et Cyprès Garden. À partir d’un certain âge, il passait l’hiver en Floride avec une de ses filles. Maman est allée une fois. Elle nous avait mis en pension.

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