Featured Stock Photograph – Art deco upper facade in Miami Beach

Art deco upper facade in Miami Beach
Art deco upper facade in Miami Beach


Florida Winter Travel Stock Photo Gallery

Day 10 – Sorry if I skipped a day, but our hotel in Miami Beach had an internet outage when we arrived, which has just been resolved. So we’re finally back into more of a large city area, in full, warm sun. We’re staying in the wonderful, renovated art deco area on South Beach, surrounded by luxury hotels, overpriced restaurants, cocktail bars, a huge, wide sandy beach and throngs of tourists, much sexier than at all our previous stops. I’m photographing a lot of art deco architecture details, avoiding brands and hotel names in the hopes that they pass inspection for stock sites. Last time I checked (today!) the Miami Beach resorts themselves were not trademarked- just the names and logos. Going to the poolside now to enjoy a drink 🙂 cheers!

PS. Well Shutterstock does it again: in an excess of zeal, they refused this stating there might be a trademark involved. Way to go. I verified yet again about buildings. Architecture is copyrighted if built in 1990 or after. Trade-dress (trademarking the shape or look of something, which applies to buildings) is not automatic and has to be registered. Trademarks can be verified here for the USA. There’s nothing about this hotel, which was obviously built prior to 1990. So technically I do not need a release. Ah well…

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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