Featured Stock Photograph – Okefenokee swamp

Okefenokee swamp
Okefenokee swamp


South East Georgia Travel Stock Photo Gallery

Day 7. Today, the road is rather short: from Brunswick to St-Augustine. So why not go off into the wild? So we drove to the back roads of Southern Georgia, ate at a very generous buffet (I just craved fruits and vegetable and PLEASE no more fried food – a buffet seemed to be a last resort) for $5. That’s right – $5 all you can eat very good food actually. Lots of choice, and no cheap stuff either. No wonder all the old and overweight of the area end up there. Speaking of which, a couple of horrors: what they call butter is actually a whipped bunch of hydrogenated soy oil (yay! let’s replace butter by trans fat – sooo healthier) and a couple of girls proudly eating a healthy salad. Except it was dressed with (no joke) a full cup of cheesy ranch sauce. I’ve never seen so much salad dressing on one plate. Two ladle full. Probably enough calories on that salad to go on for 2 days. Way to go, healthy girl!

So out of the buffet and into the swamp. Okefenokee is at the northern end of a network of rivers and swamp that lead all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. I went there hoping to shoot wildlife, and I did catch several alligators in the wild, quite close, but not much else. Seems like January is not a good month for this. On the good side, I was able to get some good landscape (like today’s photo) shots because the trees were leafless and let the sun through all the way to the rivers. Also there were no bugs which apparently is a huge annoyance later in the year. We had a pleasant boat ride through the swamp, actually very entertaining. Our guide told us stories non stop about his family and experience throughout his life plus the history and lore of the swamps in this thick sing-songy southern drawl. Great stuff.

I then got onto other back roads, avoiding the 95 and driving on scenic beach roads all the way down to St-Augustine, Florida. We had another full meal, this time at Napoli Pizzeria, where the food was, as expected, bluntly on the meaty and salty side of things. No subtlety there again… I have my fingers crossed that we’ll find refined food in Miami to kind of save this trip… if you have any suggestions…

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