Featured Stock Photograph – Brick walls and windows

Charleston, SC Brick walls and windows
Charleston, SC Brick walls and windows


Day 5! And a wonderful, sunny, warm pleasant day to visit more of Charleston, South Carolina. What a great city, full of surprises, interesting architecture, nice textures, a relaxed, almost European vibe to it all. Reminds me of a smaller San Francisco with a southern twist, People are super polite, actually saying hello to everyone the cross on the sidewalk. I’m far, far, far from home!

I crammed as many photos as I could in the 3 hours I had allowed to walk in the historical district. The photo of the day is an original composition showing a bit of the character of the place. Lots of great brick wall textures with wooden windows and classic Feench lampadaires. I worked my depth of field so that everything would be in focus, giving lots of choices for designers who would like to use one part or another.

We left Charleston and drove down the 17, through fast food outlets, small malls, and underwhelming swamps. We went past Savannah on the 95, didn’t see a thing as usual from the highway, and ended up at Brunswick, Georgia where I’ll stay a couple of days to go shoot landscapes on the nearby islands and swamps. I hope they’re beautiful, cause Brunswick certainly isn’t. In fact we got lost on the way to the restaurant and drove past a large ugly plant right smack in the middle of the town, I’ll identify what it is tomorrow when we see something (still struggling with the under lighting at night). But the scariest thing was going through the only brightly illuminated part of town, a couple of blocks that looked like a downtown area, but was almost deserted, with large empty facades and boarded up theaters. It was like a ghost town. Spooky.

I really hope the islands are worth it…

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