Featured Stock Photograph – Boathouse by Seneca Lake

Boathouse by Seneca Lake
Boathouse by Seneca Lake


Day two of my winter East USA road trip. Itinerary planned: Syracuse NY to Harrisburg PA. Armed with my Michelin guide, I opted to go through the finger lakes area down to Corning and then down highway 15, long the banks of the Susquehanna River. First off, what a pleasant surprise. the not so little town of Geneva was gorgeous and the road leading south alone the Seneca lake full of beautiful vistas and dozens of wineries. Of course, today being an overcast winter day, we only got a glimpse of how beautiful this area must be in late summer or fall, and we promised to come back. At only 6ish hours from Montreal, it’s a wonderful area for a long week-end getaway. At the southern tip of the lake, there’s another quaint town named Watkins Glen with what looks like a gorgeous park, full of trails, pools and falls left and right. I shot some cool photos of the iced waterfalls against the wonderful textures of the sedimentary rock cliffs.

We stopped at Corning, yup, that’s the place where they make cornell and corning ware kitchen products. It’s all there: factories, huge warehouse store and even a glass museum. We had lunch at a small Indian restaurant (who expected to find that in that small all-American town?) called Thali of India, met the cook, an authentic Indian mamma, and had the delightful shock of tasting the best chicken Korma I’ve had in years. If you love Indian food and are in the Corning area, you’ve got to go to that restaurant (and skip the buffet – just order à la carte). Awesome.

The road to Harrisburg was rather plain… another highway along what appears to be a large number of Amish farms dotted with sex shops (?!!?!) every 5 miles or so. The people here must be really bored and without decent internet access!

Dinner was really bland though. Can’t be lucky every time. We followed our hotel receptionist’s suggestion of going to El Rodeo, a Mexican joint and small chain more concerned with the colorful family oriented decor (why do every restaurant have to look like they cost half a million?) than the quality of the food. It tasted nothing. slightly meaty, slightly salty… that’s it. Really not worth the calories. Avoid this place. And our waiter forgot about us midway through the meal. Ugh. Better to forget about that experience.

20 minutes on the elliptic machine, a few rounds with the dumbbells and a few laps in the pool at our Marriott will make sure that I sleep well tonight.

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