Featured Stock Photograph – Speeding winter highway

Speeding winter highway
Speeding winter highway


On the road again. I’m starting today a 3 weeks trek across eastern USA in search of cool sights for new photos, stock and have a good time. This trip will take me trough New York state, Pennsylvania, Virginia, The Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. From Montreal to key west and back. It should make for a very interesting new series of shots. And it’s just so cool to get out of the studio for awhile.

The photo of the day was shot right before I crossed over into the USA at the thousand islands. It is shot using my zoom and a very slow shutter speed.

Travel tip: If you see a Nexus line at the border and haven’t got a Nexus card, do not go in it by mistake. You’ll be taken in and will have to wait through some paperwork.

We stopped quickly at Watertown, Ny for dinner at a heavily advertised restaurant (a large national chain) called Cracker Barrel. The food was all American country food, including (gasp) fried steak with mac n cheese and mashed potatoes sides. Yup, we’ve passed the border. Nearly everyone in the room was 40-80 pounds overweight. And I guess the food speaks for itself. Yummy, fat, sweet, overflowing portions. I had the Reuben’s platter, a great sandwich with a strongly pleasant caraway taste and a not-too-sweet apple dumpling for dessert. I must say both were delicious, and the decor was definitely classic country American with fishing and hunting trophies all over. A great way to start the trip.

First night in Syracuse. Downtown hotel was $189 a room, so we drove west for 15 minutes and got a great room for $79 with complimentary wifi. Sweet.

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