Featured Stock Photograph – Winter dog and snow

Winter dog and snow
Winter dog and snow


Dog Stock Photo Gallery

Thank you all for the warm messages I got for the new year. To those who wondered if yesterday’s photo was complete, no it wasn’t. My niece and sister in law did not come over from California (they missed excellent turkey, cherry pie and fruitcake, the poor dears) and of course, my beloved dog is not authorized yet to come to the studio. She is far, far happier in the snow, rolling about, burying her head in search of some subdued smell, running like crazy, gliding on the iced lake… so today’s photo is her taking a short break, looking away perhaps to calm me down (she doesn’t yet relate to the camera well), perhaps cause she heard a kid or a cat… we’ll never know.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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