Featured Stock Photograph – Stranded Christmas Ornament

Stranded Christmas Ornament
Stranded Christmas Ornament


My feelings exactly. The infamous Holiday week is beginning tonight. Hoping things will be different this year (doesn’t this circus get to be more of a hassle every year as we grow older?) and that I and my loved ones shall avoid these common traps: endless turkey dinners (I insisted we do roast beef at my home party), credit card frenzy for clueless gifts (we’re not giving any this year. ha! I already cheated that one), hearing the same stories a thousand times (tough one – might have to bear this and instead focus on how subtly but surely the stories change every time we tell them), putting on a fresh smiling face in return to all the fresh smiling faces everybody put on (I don’t think you can avoid that one – and it’s not unpleasant), pretense (I fantasize about saying things as they are instead of embellishing them in response to family pressure), and the joy on the faces of children discovering the endless wonders of mass consumerism (ok that’s cute – unless they act like spoiled brats). Stuff for a thousand Woody Allen movies. So, in all the brouhaha, I was so amused to notice this snowman and its expression. A kindred spirit, no doubt.

Anyways, let’s go practice our fresh smiley faces one last time and jump in. I will surely find out once again that after I join the circus, the things I thought were fake will become genuine and I will end up enjoying myself over and over. Put the monsters to sleep folks – it’s Christmas time!

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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