Featured Stock Photograph – Senior man in a field at sunset

Senior man in a field at sunset
Senior man in a field at sunset


Senior Caucasian Farmer Lifestyle Stock Photo Gallery

Simplicity sells… What can I say, take a great model like this one, who so well represents an average senior man, and put him in a field with warm Summer lighting. It’s perennial and probably will never go out of fashion. Well ok, maybe in a few decades. Still, this shot has done impressively well since it’s been made available.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

Browse through this model’s stock photo gallery at my photoshelter archive web site.


2 thoughts on “Featured Stock Photograph – Senior man in a field at sunset

    1. Hey Luis, thanks for stopping by and say hi 🙂 my RPD at istock is about 1.5$
      Istock used to be my number one cash earner, but it’s really unstable for some reason. I find it’s the most temperamental of all the sites. So in its good months, it soars above the others revenue-wise, but then in its bad months it dips pretty bad. For 2 months running now, Shutterstock, which is way more stable in sales number and revenues, has beaten Istock as my biggest earner.
      As for the models, get people around you like I do or invite folks from Model Mayhem, the models from MH that I’ve worked with so far were punctual, professional and had a blast at trying new things for stock. While photos featuring people sell well, I personally find the best investment is either in food or touristic photos. They’re about the same in revenues, but cost a lot less in production and energy. Hope this helps! Nicolas

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