Featured Stock Photograph – Happy senior couple

Happy senior couple
Happy senior couple


Senior couple heterosexual caucasian lifestyle Stock Photo Gallery

It’s December, and things are on fire at the moment with sales through the roof (I’ve made in 3 days the same amount I did last year for the whole month). For me, the last month of the year means I clean up my hard drive, go through every photo shoot I did last year, check if I missed some good shots, back-up and make space on my hard drive for the new year to come.  Today’s photo is part of a small shoot I did last April with Marie and her longtime partner. I had them over to practice one  of the lighting techniques I’d learned earlier that week. The main light is a soft box to the right, with a secondary light to the left shooting through an umbrella, and a wide reflector is placed in front of them, just under the frame, to bounce a higher light placed behind them.

I initially had time to work only 3 of the shots in post before jumping on  my next project, and they were all quite successful online. A bit of a surprise, really, since black backgrounds aren’t really trendy these days. So this time I’m going through the whole shoot and finding some very nice shots to add to my collection, including this one.  I haven’t retouched the faces, apart from a little dodging under the man’s eyes, since the models wanted it that way.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

Browse through this model’s stock photo gallery at my photoshelter archive web site.


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