Featured Stock Photograph – Dog catching a stick in water

Stock photo: Dog catching a stick in water
Dog catching a stick in water


Dog Stock Photo Gallery

New month, and new stage in my life as a newly graduated commercial photographer (that’s right, I’m now available to make your life more beautiful).

The photo I share with you today proved to be one of the most popular in my portfolio at the exhibit last week-end. Funny ’cause it almost did not make it. I put it next to the face of a man crying, making a statement about anger, hurt and sadness. So there it was. Maybe the popularity was because it was the only pet/animal shot out of everyone’s portfolios (a surprise since Hélène was doing cats, cats and more cats at the beginning of the program). Or maybe because it’s one darn good shot and not an easy one to make. We had to do it over and over for 20 minutes, so I could get the focus on the eye and snap at the right moment. I then chose to desaturate and upped the contrast to enhance the feel of violence you get from seeing the eye and fangs. This photo is now on my wall and people are amazed when they see it. It’s one of my poorest sellers as a stock photo though. Go figure.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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