Featured Stock Photograph: Christmas gifts and oranges

Christmas gifts and oranges
Christmas gifts and oranges


So this is Christmas… (dodges tomatoes) well at least that’s what the latest Gray’s Anatomy installment wants us to think (have they gone nuts, squashing thanksgiving AND christmas in one show?).  But no, there’s still more than a month to go.  A month of consumer frenzy,  no doubt.

The chosen photo today, this copy-space friendly Christmas composition,  is part of a series on which I had given up hope. Submitted with ill timing (mid December 08 if I recall), the photos were quickly buried in the search engines never to be looked at again. That is until this month when, surprisingly, this sold a couple of times in a one week period on Istock. So i’ll give it a little extra push here, since there seems to be interest. Also funnily enough, one of my colleagues mentioned a designer looking for a Christmas shot featuring oranges and I thought: “wait a minute, don’t I have exactly that somewhere in my collection?”

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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