Featured Stock Photograph – Bonsai tree HDR

Bonsai tree HDR
Bonsai tree HDR


I chose today’s photo because 1) it is a popular one, 2) it is an HDR composite without being architecture or landscape (isn’t that all we see?) and 3) I thought people needed a little zen imagery in these nuts time where a flu is made into the biggest scare and main preoccupation humanity has been focused on for months now. Needless to say, what scares me most is not the flu, but how easily the masses are driven into hysteria by the news. Let’s see. The flu, colds, pneumonia, bronchitis and such usually hit the hardest in the fall and winter. In Canada, between 1000 to 2500 people die each year from flu-like symptoms, complications etc. Just imagine if, for the next six month, each time someone dies from what appears to be the flu (but is more often than not related to a combination of the flu with a previous medical condition that has greatly weakened the person – or something else altogether), just imagine that they spend a couple of days talking about it on the news. Just imagine, if the few dozens of deaths we’ve had so far have created this type of mass hysteria, the chaos that might ensue the build up to the regular 1500 casualties that should be expected from any flu. Wait! Don’t go and sign up into some secular spiritual retreat just yet!

Instead, just look at this tree for a second. Try to tune into its calmness, into its tranquil strength of growth, into its steady flow of life, and forget about all the scary IFs that we’ve been forced fed. Try to forget about capitalist conspiracies, medical lobbying and governments paying tons of money to vaccine-selling tobacco companies’ subsidiaries in hope of alleviating some whirlwind fear-fest frenzy created in parts by some fact-dodging, ratings-hungry newscasts. Try to forget about whole communities participating in this made-up interactive melodrama and getting a sense of entitlement out of it. Try to forget that it’ll keep going for another 4 months. Try to forget about all the more important news that we don’t get to hear because of this. There. Are you in that peaceful place?

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com


5 thoughts on “Featured Stock Photograph – Bonsai tree HDR

    1. Yes, the color mapping stage usually gives a flashier result, but at the time I was doing the post processing for Istockphoto who would likely give an Overprocessed rejection notice if I went on the flashy route. So I tried to do something that looks normal, but has details in both highlights and shadows. THanks for the video! it’s the first time that I see stop motion done with HDR images. The author must be quite patient!

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