Featured Stock Photograph – Bright, sunny day through concrete

Bright sunny day through concrete
Bright sunny day through concrete


When I discovered last week the power of the HDR software Enfuse for Lightroom, I decided that this week’s stock submissions would be sort of photographic remixes of past HDR shots that did not satisfy me at the time. So I went back to my archives and discovered a few shots that would fit this mission. Most are from a shoot I did in a public school in 2008. The building was brand new at the time so it was great to shoot some clean, graphical architectural photos such as today’s selection. As usual for HDR composites, post production included a boost in contrast (these days I make a curve layer, set the blending mode to Overlay and tweak the curve to brighten the image a bit as Enfuse tends to mix down to the center of the histogram), some added vibrance and a final Unsharp Mask to give it some oomph. I’ve always had a soft spot for this shot – it evokes in me the feeling of being trapped and wanting desperately to blow up the walls to go into that nice summery day.

Royalty Free License available at Thinkstockphotos.com


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