Featured Stock Photograph – Pecan Pie with whipped cream

Pecan pie with whipped cream
Pecan pie with whipped cream


Another seasonal treat: the famous homemade American pecan pie. One of my favorite dishes if made properly. This is my special recipe, and it includes a secret ingredient to cut the cloying sweetness that can overcome such a dish. Well, not much of a secret really. If you want to cut down on sweetness, just use a small amount of something bitter, and, in this case, I selected some intensely infused green tea. It changes everything.

This photo was shot last May and is part of a series. It sold modestly since online, but the whole series lifted off in a big way for the last couple of weeks. Again, a seasonal effect, no doubt. I’m a bit surprised since this is a traditional thanksgiving treat and we’re too close to that holiday for publication – we’re even past deadlines for Christmas… Well, anyhow, glad to see these shots take off.  It must be blogs and such…

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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