My first video promo

A special treat today: my first video promo. Another school project which I apprehended since I haven’t touched that medium in almost 20 years, but then I thought it would be a great opportunity to finally test video with my 5d mark II. So I did and was quite floored by the results. I love getting a photographic depth of field effect, the use of my favorite lenses and the image quality of the end product is quite amazing.

I edited the short film on Vegas movie studio platinum 9 (can they make that brand any longer?) which I got in the mail monday. So it was my first time using video editing software. Great piece of software, nicely user friendly, although I just used very basic functions so I can’t tell its limitations. But I love when I pick a piece of software and figure it out in a couple of hours.

The music is Carly’s song (age of Loneliness) from Enigma (from the movie Sliver which I loved back in the day – steamy William Baldwin and Sharon Stone) which gives a cool, relaxed mood to the piece. This was shot using the modeling lamp of a flash fit with a soft box and a reflector. I am the model.

I thought I would have fun with this project and do something tongue in cheek, simple, effective and well edited. Who knows… it might start a trend, how about using a short video like this one as an ID on the web 2.0? Of course people would choose their expressions, they might not want to do the cheesy come on look that I did here… although some might… to each their own. I just wanted to try to schmize (smile with your eyes – I picked that up America’s next top model a few weeks back), and it is great fun, as usual, to not take myself too seriously.

So what do you guys think?


2 thoughts on “My first video promo

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