Featured Stock Photograph – School chemistry laboratory HDR

Chemistry school lab
Chemistry school lab


Today’s photo is a High Dynamic Range composite, shot at a local public cegep in a chemistry teaching lab. It is selected because it became today my first flame photograph on Istock, meaning it crossed the 100 sales mark and is my best selling image at that agency. When I arrived at the shoot ( I was hired by the architect to shoot around the building) I noticed the large dynamic range in this room, between the strong harsh light of the neon, the darker tones under the equipment, on the ceiling and behind the windows. In these situations, the best thing to do is to shoot many different exposures and combine them into an image detailed in every zone. Digital photography enables us to do something like that with relative ease. Of course, for stock, the added difficulty is to find a way to make the photograph look natural, so many HDR photos ending up looking more like drawings with the color mapping interpretations. This one was done in photoshop CS3, and looks a little drab for my tastes. I still submitted it in the middle of a batch, not thinking too much, and it became my bestselling shot. You never know… 

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com


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