Featured Stock Photograph – Untouched Santa Maria Beach in Cuba

Untouched white sand beach near Santa Maria, Cuba
Untouched white sand beach near Santa Maria, Cuba


What a great day I’ve had today. This morning at college, we had an amazing class, full of tips to combine HDR with panoramic shots to do great architecture photographs, even small interactive movies to visit houses and other places. Very useful, although fabricating the gear to get the axis right seems difficult. We’ll see thursday, when I get to practice all these wonderful concepts.  Then this afternoon, we got introduced to Final Cut Express and cutting a short promotional video (yup, I have to make a 15 seconds promo in the next 2 weeks) and I had an absolute blast editing footage i had shot quickly yesterday with my 5d. Don’t ask me why, but I had NEVER tried to shoot video before with my camera. Results are incredible. Resolution is awesome and the use of all my lenses, to obtain interesting depth of field etc. is really fantastic. It opens the doors of imagination. I was bitten. Guess I’ll start shooting video as well for stock.

Today’s photo is all about timing. You have to be a few months ahead so that photos are used in print at the right time. This was shot last January, and I’ve submitted quite a few of that Cuban trip back then, but sales have overall been tepid during winter and almost non-existent during the summer. Sales picked up a couple of weeks ago and so I decided to go back and find more shots to submit now.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com


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