Featured Photograph – Fox kills squirrel

Happy thanksgiving, Mister Fox
Happy thanksgiving, Mister Fox

I was out yesterday at the botanical garden looking for the perfect tree for a plan B approach to what might be a complicated shoot for the college, and although I did not find it (I need a somewhat solitary tree),

Fox approaches agonizing squirrel
Fox approaches agonizing squirrel

I was lucky enough to walk in on a red fox hunting a squirrel. I followed them around for about 15 minutes and witnessed some horrifying moments. That squirrel’s agony will haut me for days. Poor thing had a broken arm and couldn’t climb anymore. Although I did get some shots of the hunt, it happened in an underbrush in very deep shade. My 25000 ISO shots turned out incredibly noisy (you can even see it on that thumbnail size to the right). Don’t believe the hype, you can hardly go over 6400 ISO on the 5d mark II. 

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