Featured Stock Photograph – Caterpillar feeding off a leaf

Beautiful caterpillar eating a leaf
Beautiful caterpillar eating a leaf


No milestone so far today. Only that the first of my Charlevoix shots got reviewed on Istock minutes ago after 10 days in the queue (they seemingly have an incredible backlog). So, here’s the first of a series of photos that got away. By that I mean photos of mine that I really love and that have not sold so far. This is a shot that has taken me over 30 minutes to get right. It was shot at the annual butterfly exhibition at the Montreal botanical garden, with people pushing left and right and creating unexpected shadows. I started shooting macro, only to realize that I could not get enough depth of field plus blocked the light with my own mass. I switched to my zoom lens, and patiently waited for everything to fall correctly into place to shoot this. Getting close to nature like this is something I enjoy very much, and I go to this exhibit once a year trying to top myself.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com


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