Featured Stock Photograph – Baie Saint-Paul Landscape Charlevoix

Baie Saint-Paul, Charlevoix
Baie Saint-Paul, Charlevoix


Charlevoix Quebec Fall Travel Stock Photo Gallery

I did a real quick trip to Charlevoix recently to capture the fall colors. Although I was treated with rolling hills and tall cliffs tearing into the Saint-Laurent River, the famous fall colors were subdued and nowhere near what I expected. One minute I thought I was a week late, looking at the leafless birch trees, and then I thought I was two weeks early, looking at the mostly green treetops. The light was harsh, the air a thick cyan misty mess with annoying humidity diffraction and the food way too salty. Despite all of this, the area was still charming, with some breathtaking views of the majestic river banks.

There will be more shots coming from this aller-retour in the next few weeks, when I find time to fiddle with them between all my other commitments.

Royalty Free License available at Istockphoto.com

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