Featured Stock Photograph – Puzzle pieces in black and white

Stock Photograph - Puzzle pieces in black and white
Stock Photograph – Puzzle pieces in black and white


For those who wonder, yesterday’s showing of my Bethsabee inspired photograph went very well, with several of my colleagues praising the work and the teacher noting the quality of execution, lighting, textures and acting. Kudos for me. On the other hand, there was so little to correct, that she asked me to make another pastiche of a painting for the second part of the class. I would normally be rejoicing at the opportunity, but with over 40 photos to produce, shoot, edit and present in the upcoming month, plus, let’s not forget, a 15 seconds stop motion promotional video, I wonder if that extra load of work is necessary. Will the new shot be an improvement over the original? I doubt it since they won’t really be comparable. It will end up being another shot in the same style, no more no less. I kinda was expecting her to ask for cosmetic filters, such as hamming up the old, cracked texture of the painting, or printing it on canvas, or something similar… but shooting an entirely new concept? Lol. Perhaps I should pose as Jesus? Or the Virgin, or both? An annunciation perhaps? I remember there were so many of these paintings in Florence that I thought my eyes would pop out if I came across one more.

In any case,  today’s photo of the day is an opposite to yesterday’s. No concept, no planning, no fancy lighting, art direction or dog licking. It’s a shot that just happened, and that I like, so here it is. This is ambient light from a nearby window, shot at ISO 1000. I was watching my niece make this puzzle and then noticed the peculiar way the light was hitting the pieces and the table, and so I just shot away.

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