This year I’m working the soil in my garden so that next year I can grow my own food. In the meantime, going to local markets is an absolute must – I’m an organic guy as much as possible. This image was shot during the Summer of 2012 and is standing at 9 downloads. One more and it hits the big time in the search engine. I’ll be very grateful, if this fills a need in your work or hobby, to get that extra sale ASAP (you can just click on the shot to get to the shot’s Istock page). Many thanks!

Hello readers, first off, thank you all for your support yesterday during 100% royalty to the artists day on Istock, especially the ones that acted from my suggestions on twitter (@mccomberphoto) and transformed the day from blah to exciting. It was the first time that I sent multiple tweets in a day and the response was far better than I expected, so I might just make this a habit.

Anyhow, I’m back from the Hong Kong 2014 Istockalypse event, and what a blast! Everything was well organized and smooth: we had great models and art direction, believable settings and of course an extraordinary destination to discover through our lenses. I spent an amazing 8 days in HK and discovered a rich, vibrant and welcoming megapolis with the kindest strangers I’ve ever met. I mean somebody actually ran after me to warn me that my photo bag was unzipped. No, we’re not in New York.

Since I registered too late to put together pitch shoots, a brilliant new concept for the Lypses, I had ample time to just walk in the city and visit some locations without feeling rushed. I did so with my two friends Lorraine and Adrian whom I met during the Switzerland minilypse in 2012 and since then had the good fortune to meet again and again all over the world at the Istock events. Really fun times.

Unlike London last Fall, I decided to try and get into people’s faces and shoot some editorial images of the daily life of the Hong Kong people. Boy, was I surprised at the reaction. Whereas in many large cities of the Western world being targeted by a camera is seen as an intrusive, borderline aggressive gesture that is often met with a frown and sometimes outright outrage, over in Hong Kong, people kindly posed and walked up to me to discuss what they and I were doing, hand me cards, invite me to participate, etc. It was wonderful. I love this city!

So I came back on the 10th and I started uploading right away. You will find my work in this Istock Lightbox as it arrives. I should work only on this shoot for the remainder of May, so check daily to see the new work. I have no firm plans yet to upload the new work to the Photoshelter site, as it is rather time consuming and brings back weak results. Here’s the banner to the lightbox:

Hong Kong Istockalypse lightbox by Nicolas McComber

Hong Kong Istockalypse lightbox by Nicolas McComber

And here are 4 early acceptances from the trip:

Stock Image - Hong Kong Commute

Stock Image – Hong Kong Commute


Stock Image - Victoria Harbor at night

Stock Image – Victoria Harbor at night


Editorial Stock Image - Urban Gardening

Editorial Stock Image – Urban Gardening


Editorial Stock Image - Bird Cage artisan

Editorial Stock Image – Bird Cage artisan


I’m editing in chronological order, so there are lots of nice surprises coming and don’t be disappointed by the more mundane material: I’m putting up anything that I think has a market. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of “wow” shots along the way. Model shots should come later, probably next week, when I get the releases.

And yes, of course, huge thanks and bravos to the team behind this event – Elissa, Rebecca, Simon, Bill and all the others: you made this one of the best Lypses ever and I hope the format survives for many Lypses to come.

Today is the day to finally license and download your favorite shots in my Istock portfolio. For one day only, every cent you pay to do this will be sent back to me, helping me produce better shoots this upcoming year. That’s right: 100% of royalties are given back to exclusive artists on May 14th. So, no more hesitations: do it now and feel good about it – all that you spend today on exclusive images (tick the “only from IStock” box on search results page) goes back to the artist.

On May 14th, and for one day only, Istock will give 100% of its gross income from regular sales of exclusive images back to their exclusive contributors. If you have enjoyed my work over the years and would like to at once get some great images and support my art, then that is the best day to do this, as I will receive 100% of the price you pay for the image. On Wednesday, I will spend the whole day updating this blog with commentaries and links to my favorite newly uploaded images, including the first images from my recent Hong Kong adventure. Be there, and make a difference. Many thanks.

Uploaded: March 2011
Collection: Sig+ / E+
Also available on IStock

Today I’m trying the new embed feature from Getty Images. Apparently this measure was made in response to piracy – bloggers/pinteresters/facebookers seem to steal images to put on their social networking pages. So Getty decided to give access to most of their catalog for free with this embedding technique. Of course it’s just for private use with this very small size – if you want larger, or tu use it commercially,  follow the link (click on the image) and buy a proper license. Will this work? One can hope. It’s simple enough to go around it if you want the image without the link, but please don’t. We’re making a living out of these images. Don’t steal them. Embed them.  Istock is probably not far behind: their removal of Extra-Small size last month seem to point that this is in the works also for their site. God, I hope this works out.

This said, apologies for slacking off on the blog: I’ve uploaded several hundreds images last month, which is a lot as I operate alone. You’re welcome to see them and buy them in my portfolio. I just want to be done with my back catalog before Summer. And I have a lot to go through.

So hmm back to this list. New work will follow after I’m done. I promise. Number 11 is this not very instagramesque food shot (we’ve been told to shoot food as if using instagram), photographed in my old home studio. I did a series in, like, 30 minutes upon coming back from the take-out restaurant, just to try and reimburse the cost of the meal. Little did I know that I would end up making a very nice profit, mainly with this photograph and this one, which has been quite a hit at the subscription site Thinkstock. I haven’t done a lot of food photography since, being more attracted by learning how to properly shoot lifestyle images. I have no solid plan to shoot more this year, although I did put a quick shot of a raw beef brisket meat cut last week, since there was none available on IStock.

Stock Image: Now she gets it

Stock Image: Now she gets it

LogoBUYlogoISONLink to Getty Images

Uploaded: December 2010
Collection: Sig+ /E+

This was shot during the Sutton-a-lypse in 2010, completely unplanned. As I arrived in the room with the model, I spotted this old phonograph and just got hit with this image, so I placed the model, gave her instructions, and lit the scene and shot it, along with a few variations. Years later it still sells and is probably one of the best concept shots I have. It can be read and used in so many ways… I don’t do a lot of concept photography. Maybe it will come more naturally to me eventually as I master other areas and keep growing. For now, I’m polishing composition, simplicity and finding that sweet spot between eye-catching and over-processed. Funny how this one nails all of these points. I guess I have it in me somewhere.

Stock Image: Winning Lottery ticket

Stock Image: Winning Lottery ticket

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Uploaded: January 2011
Collection: Sig+ / E+

Part of a test shoot I did with Marie-Claire, a model I would work with on a regular basis given the ongoing success of this first series. She is quite the actress, honest, with lots of energy and self-abandonment, the mark of a great stock model. Yes, she also does well on softer scenarios. You can view most of my work with her in this Istock lightbox.